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Travel Diary: Vietnam 2015 (Part Two)


Day 3 – 5 of our trip was spent in Sapa, which we took an overnight train from Hanoi (about 7 – 8 hours). It was both our first experience taking overnight trains and to share a cabin with two other travellers. Sapa is located among the mountain areas, where it is mostly cooling. During spring, (late December – early February) Sapa gets down to less than 0 degrees and it snows. It’s a more laid-back town as compared to Hanoi and much cooling. Quite a great experience!

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Travel Diary: Vietnam 2015 (Part One)


I finally get down to editing the Vietnam trip last November (oh wow it’s been a year) with the partner and I thought it will be nice to document this culture-rich yet underrated country that I put close to my heart.

If you tell me to visit Vietnam 5 years ago, I would have probably turn down the idea without hesitation. But pursuing photography made me changed — to be more adventurous, brave and always having a curious heart. I was deciding where to head for a short holiday in year 2014 and Alison introduced me to Hanoi. She then gave me a whole list of locations/cafes to visit, and December the same year I went with my good friend Reyna. I fell instantly in love with the place, and basically got out of my comfort zone to immerse myself fully into this country. The Vietnamese are kind and courteous, even though there may be some who wanted to earn a little more money from the tourists, but generally all is good.

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