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Travel Diary: Hongkong 2017 (III)

Day four is spent on the outskirts of Hongkong, at one of their famous fishing village, Tai O. We took a train to Tung Chung after our brunch at One Dimsum and there was an outlet mall right beside the station. There were many stores there that we almost wanted to forgo going Tai O and just spending our entire day there. I am glad the partner insist on heading over to Tai O and we reached there around 5.30pm, when the sun is almost setting. It felt like another world when we reached Tai O.

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Travel Diary: Hongkong 2017 (II)


Part 2 of our trip we visited one of Hong Kong’s oldest Chaa Chan Teng, Mido Cafe, which is only 5 mins walk from our hotel where a lot of movie directors used to come. We also visited Fa Yuen Street, which is also known as Sneakers Street, bought a pair of sneakers there and had my favourite stinky tofu from the street food chain. Look for 真美味 (Chun Chun Mei), they sell the best stinky tofu in my opinion.

If you’re a Starbucks addict, the vintage Starbucks Cafe near Fa Yuen Street is a place you should visit as well. In the evening, we went to the AIA carnival near the Hongkong Station before heading to Lan Kwai Fong to chill out. It was a simple yet fulfilling day for us.

Link to part 1: http://whitegrandeur.co/travel-diary-hongkong-2017-1/

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Travel Diary: Hongkong 2017 (I)


We jetted off for 5 days to recoup from our stressed and overworked souls. It was a trip of new experience and insights to this city, slightly different from the Hong Kong I always know, and definitely a more pleasant one compared to my previous trips. I was thankful for a timely short getaway to leave behind work and just fully indulge in my favourite asian cuisine. We made a deal not to do anything over-exhausting, so we only went to the beach casually and did no trekking/hiking although the mountain was right beside where the beach was. The weather was between 17 – 19deg throughout our trip (except one where it reached about 23deg). Forecast was accurate, it’s cloudy everyday but there’s no rain at all. These are random snippets from our cameras and phones throughout the whole trip and I hope it will help with your itinerary if you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong too!

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