Photographed by White Grandeur
Makeup & Hairdo by The Beauty Society
Floral Bouquet by Keira Floral

We celebrated the completion of my younger sis’ poly days over a small graduation portrait session together with our two twin cousins who grew up closely with us. How far we have come from the days we will sing and dance around our late grandfather when we were young, playing carom around the antique marble table and also all the ancient games that kids of these days do not touch anymore.

Sometimes we focus too much on growing up and we forget to celebrate little milestones together. This year, we all made an effort to get closer and slow down our pace in life.

Sending much love to my Sis, Jiamin and Jiahui. Let’s make the best out of this growing up journey together. Much thanks to Ferty from The Beauty Society as well as Lowee from Keira Florals for the help to make this little shoot happen too!