“It’s been almost a year since I said yes to this man – but not a day since then that I do not feel loved.”

Styled and photographed by White Grandeur
Assisted by Joyce Tan (see our joint shoot here)
Makeup & hairdo Jenny Goh | Floral bouquet Fioregraphy
Wardrobe Megagamie | Text by Lihui Yeo
(white maxi dress, accessories and heels are photographer’s own)

Ours is a simple love story of two different people. He is confident and eloquent while I am at times shy and reserved. He loves to speak while I prefer to write. He is an outright extrovert while I am pretty much an introvert.

Yet, we certainly fell in love.

01-joel-lihui-autumn-engagement 02-joel-lihui-autumn-engagement 03-joel-lihui-autumn-engagement04-joel-lihui-autumn-engagement

And as we love, he showers me with the care and concern only a real gentleman possesses.

He writes to me because he knows I like it. He tries to romanticise our dates occasionally just to pamper me. He always looks out for me in the crowd and would give me a silly smile when our eyes meet. While it wasn’t the easiest for me as I transited from singlehood, he always reassures.

05-joel-lihui-autumn-engagement06-joel-lihui-autumn-engagement 07-joel-lihui-autumn-engagement

Along the way, with and for love, we always take efforts to build a relationship that grows us both. He teaches me confidence while I teach him patience. He made me more positive while I made him more humble.

They say falling in love is easy, staying in love is the hard part. I can’t be more blessed to be engaged to Joel, for that’s our promise to stay in love forever.

08-joel-lihui-autumn-engagement13-joel-lihui-autumn-engagementjoel-lihui-engagement-30 joel-lihui-engagement-34

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