Two weeks back, I had the honor to shoot Janice’s pre-wedding shoot and be a part of her proposal surprise for her fiancé, Glenn. About a week prior to the shoot, she shared about her plan to propose to her fiancé with a quirky bouquet (she thought about fried drumsticks, I suggested broccoli and she ended up selecting a money bouquet) and their wedding bands that Glenn wasn’t aware that it was ready for collection.

The plan was rather smooth when we executed it — we successfully misled Glenn to think that we’re shooting his individual portrait shoot. He was caught off-guarded when Janice came forward with the bouquet and kneeled on one knee with his wedding band. His reaction was priceless and Janice (and I, too) had teary eyes. After, Glenn also kneeled and presented Janice with her wedding band. It was very beautiful and this piece of memory is so precious not just for both of them, but for me as well.

Many thanks to both of them for having me on this unforgettable moment. Below are the photos from the first set of the shoot. Photos from the second & third set to come soon, stay tuned!