Photographed by White Grandeur
Make-up & hair by The Beauty Society
Florals & set-up by Bucket Full of Roses
Lace robes & silk slip-on dresses from Bells & Birds
Vintage armchair from The Dessert Party

Many of us see pregnancy as one of the most beautiful experiences a woman go through in her life but we fail to acknowledge that pregnancy is not always a comfortable process for everybody. It is inevitable for an expectant mother to have mixed feelings about her pregnancy. Insecurities are a natural part of being human and sometimes the abrupt changes to the body during pregnancy can make expectant mothers exceptionally vulnerable.

While she anticipates the arrival of her child, the changes in her body can also cause uncertainty and insecurity. More often than not, expectant mothers don’t speak about their insecurities as they fear judgement from society.


This is a pregnancy reveal shoot of my gorgeous friend Xiangyu at her 14th week of pregnancy, done in collaboration with our like-minded friends from The Beauty Society and Bucket Full of Roses. Additionally, we are also extremely thankful for Bells & Birds, their luxurious lace robes and slip-on dresses were the key finishing touches for the shoot.

Our wish is for everyone to get a closer look at an expectant mother’s truest emotions, from the anticipation of her baby’s arrival to her deepest inner thoughts — which are not always positive and rosy. It also serves to remind us to be more empathetic towards expectant mothers and help them embrace the new concept of beauty that pregnancy brings.