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A Closer Touch, A Mother’s Embrace

Photographed by White Grandeur
Make-up & hair by The Beauty Society
Florals & set-up by Bucket Full of Roses
Lace robes & silk slip-on dresses from Bells & Birds
Vintage armchair from The Dessert Party

Many of us see pregnancy as one of the most beautiful experiences a woman go through in her life but we fail to acknowledge that pregnancy is not always a comfortable process for everybody. It is inevitable for an expectant mother to have mixed feelings about her pregnancy. Insecurities are a natural part of being human and sometimes the abrupt changes to the body during pregnancy can make expectant mothers exceptionally vulnerable.

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Qili’s Graduation

Photographed by White Grandeur
Makeup & Hairdo by The Beauty Society
Floral Bouquet by Keira Floral

We celebrated the completion of my younger sis’ poly days over a small graduation portrait session together with our two twin cousins who grew up closely with us. How far we have come from the days we will sing and dance around our late grandfather when we were young, playing carom around the antique marble table and also all the ancient games that kids of these days do not touch anymore.

Sometimes we focus too much on growing up and we forget to celebrate little milestones together. This year, we all made an effort to get closer and slow down our pace in life.

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The Peranakan

A walk into the culture-rich The Intan feels warm and nostalgic, where the home-turned-museum houses numerous Peranakan antiques collected by the owner Alvin over the years. Here’s a full set of Peranakan inspired styled shoot in collaboration with wedding stylist Amperian, which we were invited by Alene of beauty and lifestyle blog, Paper Kitties, to learn more about Akira’s Peranakan roots together with makeup talent Fidelis Toh and jade jeweller Choo YilinContinue Reading

Travel Diary: Hongkong 2017 (III)

Day four is spent on the outskirts of Hongkong, at one of their famous fishing village, Tai O. We took a train to Tung Chung after our brunch at One Dimsum and there was an outlet mall right beside the station. There were many stores there that we almost wanted to forgo going Tai O and just spending our entire day there. I am glad the partner insist on heading over to Tai O and we reached there around 5.30pm, when the sun is almost setting. It felt like another world when we reached Tai O.

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Huiyang & Yongyao (Engagement Shoot)


About 2 months ago, we collaborated with makeup artist Fidelis and local fashion label Ninth Collective for our first giveaway during Christmas. Huiyang and Yongyao was our selected winner and we finally had the chance to have our schedules met for the shoot two weeks back. We would like to also extend our appreciation to Haylee from Adorninglory for coming onboard this collaboration and arranged such a beautiful rustic bouquet that fitted exactly what we were visioning for. Continue Reading

Travel Diary: Hongkong 2017 (II)


Part 2 of our trip we visited one of Hong Kong’s oldest Chaa Chan Teng, Mido Cafe, which is only 5 mins walk from our hotel where a lot of movie directors used to come. We also visited Fa Yuen Street, which is also known as Sneakers Street, bought a pair of sneakers there and had my favourite stinky tofu from the street food chain. Look for 真美味 (Chun Chun Mei), they sell the best stinky tofu in my opinion.

If you’re a Starbucks addict, the vintage Starbucks Cafe near Fa Yuen Street is a place you should visit as well. In the evening, we went to the AIA carnival near the Hongkong Station before heading to Lan Kwai Fong to chill out. It was a simple yet fulfilling day for us.

Link to part 1: http://whitegrandeur.co/travel-diary-hongkong-2017-1/

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